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General Skilled Migration (Skill Select)

Skilled migration visas provide one of the best opportunities for skilled workers to live and work in Australia. Under the Australian General Skilled Migration program, skilled migrant and skilled worker applicants can use their qualifications, work experience and language ability to meet the Australian immigration requirements for a permanent Australia visa.
In 2012, Australian immigration's introduced a new skilled worker program, called the Skilled Migrant Selection Register, known as Skill Select. In order to apply, you need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). The Skill Select will work as an electronic two-stage process where prospective visa applicants first submit a claim for skilled migration through an online EOI. Following this, applicants may then be invited to submit an Australian visa application on the basis of their EOI.
Australian visa applicants will be selected based on their points test score in a number of selection criteria. All prospective visa applicants will be required to meet the relevant English language requirements and obtain the necessary skills assessment prior to their EOI submission. However, unlike now you will have to also be approved by Skill Select to obtain your visa. This brings in greater uncertainty compared to the current system.
His programme, also known as the General Skilled Migration programme, is for people who are not sponsored by an employer and who have skills in particular occupations required in Australia. Applicants with good English language ability, must be over 18 and under 45 years of age, , and recent skilled work experience.
Applicants must also have skills and qualifications for an occupation listed on Australia's Skilled Occupation List (SOL) SOL-1 Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and State Nominated Skilled Occupation List(SRS-SOL) also known as SOL-2.
There is a range of visa options under the General Skilled Migration programme for skilled workers who want to live in Australia and who do not have an employer sponsoring them. These include options for skilled people applying as an independent migrant as well as those sponsored by a relative,.


Independent migrants have the least number of restrictions placed on them and this is the preferred option for eligible applicants who do not have an employer to sponsor them. Assess your eligibility for the independent visas before you continue.
If you are sponsored by an eligible relative, please note that there are a number of obligations that must be met by your sponsor, like human resource departments approval, shortage of that particular occupation and You may be eligible for a number of different visa categories and each has different requirements and obligations. Please visit our office or talk to our Help desk executive and get yourself assessed free for a work permit or Permanent Residency to Australia.
New Eligible Occupations list for Canada has been announced by the Canada Govt. on 18th April 2013 and only 6500 applications will be accepted till 30th April 2014. Please note that only 300 applications will be accepted in each occupation from 4th May onwards. Engineering occupations in Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Mining, Petroleum etc. Geological Engineers & Aerospace Engineers are some of the lucky categories along with Financial and Investment Analysts, Engineering Managers, Computer Engineers (Except Software Engineers / Designers) & Computer programmers and interactive media developers. The Medical Occupations like Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Medical Laboratory Technologists and Technicians to name a few are also included.
Skilled workers are people who can become permanent residents because they are able to become economically established in Canada. Your application as a skilled worker will be assessed on six selection factors and a point system. The six selection factors are education, English and/or French language ability, experience, age, whether on an arranged employment in Canada and adaptability.
The rules for applying as a skilled worker can change from time to time, so make sure that your immigration process is started at the earliest if you are considering immigrating to Canada as a skilled worker. Also, make sure that you refer to updated selection criteria or meet us for a free consultation and find out the current application procedures. You may also follow this link to see the complete list of 24 occupations called the New Eligible Occupations list to Canada for Federal Skilled Worker class immigration to see if u qualify or visit our office with complete set of your educational documents and all work experience credentials.
On becoming a Permanent Resident in Canada you receive certain rights and privileges, even though you remain a citizen of your home country. A permanent resident and their dependants have the right to receive most social benefits that Canadian citizens receive such as health care, to live, work or study anywhere in Canada, to apply for Canadian citizenship etc. However, as a permanent resident, you and your dependants cannot Vote or run for political office, hold certain jobs that have a high-level security clearance requirement, remain in Canada if you are convicted of a serious criminal offence and have been
You must also show that you have enough money to support yourself and your dependants after you arrive in Canada, and pass a medical examination and security and criminal checks.
Quebec-selected skilled workers must have the skills; education and work experience needed to make an immediate economic contribution to the province of Quebec and establish them successfully Under the Canada-Quebec Accord on Immigration, Quebec establishes its own immigration requirements and selects immigrants who will adapt well to living in Quebec. If you want to immigrate to Canada as a Quebec-selected skilled worker, you must first apply to the Quebec government for a Quebec Selection Certificate.
Denmark is one of the European Union's most active members who is trying to recruit skilled workers from around the world. Denmark's immigration policy, similar to the United Kingdom's, Canada's and Australia's skilled immigration program, utilizes a points based system called the Danish Green Card to attract skilled workers from outside the European Union. In addition, Denmark has a work permit system called the Job Card Scheme or also called the Pay limit Scheme for people who have a valid job offer from a Danish employer. The work in Denmark Centre in New Delhi has opened and started accepting applications from 23 rd October of 2008 and
Lots of qualified people have applied under the green card scheme in various categories since then. Many success stories are on its way with the unmatched quality service deliverance and help from Next World Immigration Associates. Many of our clients are expecting outcome of their files soon.

The Danish Green Card

If you can score enough points based upon criteria such as age, education, language skills, and work experience, you can obtain a three year residence permit under the Danish Green Card Scheme which will allow you to live and work in Denmark for up to 7 years. This is the first time that Denmark has volunteered outside the EU to look for skilled staff. The Kingdom of Denmark is positively looking to hire people from India and giving preference to Indians, because of the unmatched skills of the Indian Medical professionals like Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Dentists and other paramedical professionals apart from the now already famous I.T work force from India.

The Positive List

There are many occupations in Denmark like Education, Information Technology, Medical, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Engineering occupations to name a few for which there is a shortage of qualified workers. If you have skills in one of these occupations, you can obtain a work and residence permit in very little time under the Positive List scheme. Follow the link The Positive list to see if your occupation and skills are in short

The Positive List is broken into a number of fields of work:
  •    Academic Work (includes project management, engineering occupations, lawyers, doctors, and other professional occupations)
  •    Hotel, Restaurant, Kitchen, Canteen
  •    IT and Telecommunication
  •    Management
  •    Educational, Social and Religious Occupations
  •    Sales, Purchases and Marketing
  •    Health, Healthcare and Personal Care
  •    Freight Forwarding, Postal Services, Storage and Engine Operation
  •    Education and tuition

The Pay Limit Scheme

If you have a job offer from a Danish employer that pays more than DKK 375,000 (approximately USD 80,000), you are also eligible for a work and residence permit in Denmark under the Pay Limit Scheme.
In some cases you must obtain a Danish Authorization to work in Denmark like registration for foreign trained and educated Doctors and other regulated occupations. The Doctors must get themselves registered from the Danish National Board of Health. Visit our office Barakhamba Road in Connaught Place, New Delhi to know more and to see if you qualify.
It is your own responsibility to obtain a work permit if you are required to. If you work illegally in Denmark, you risk deportation, and you and your employer risk fine or imprisonment.
Denmark also offers unmatched opportunities for people and companies who are looking to invest in the flourishing Danish economy. Initially you may get permission to start business in Denmark for 1 year and it may be extended on fulfillment of the conditions laid down by the visa officer at the time of granting the self employment rights. To be eligible to go as a business person, you must pay particular attention to the following conditions:
You must present documentation that you have access to sufficient financial means to run your business.
Your presence and involvement must be vital to the establishment of the business, and you must participate actively in its day-to-day operation. If you have only financial interests in the business - for example, if you are a shareholder - you are not eligible for a Danish residence and work permit.
Please see, normally, you will not be eligible for a residence and work permit for the purpose of opening a restaurant or retail shop in Denmark.
Study in Denmark
Denmark also has equal opportunities for students. Because of its vicinity with Germany and Denmark being the member of the European Union, the prospects for students are as good as the UK. Please visit our office to get more details about the courses that you can do from Denmark and the Universities and colleges available.
  •    Higher Education Programme
  •    Basic and Youth Study Programme
  •    Folk high schools
Hope, You will appreciate tha fact that education in Denmark comparatively costlier than rest of Europe. But, then the quality of education and the opportunities after finishing higher studies from Denmark is also great.

Tourist Visa

Denmark is famously known as the smiling country and its people are very Happy. Apart from a famous capital of Copenhagen, Denmark have a number of destinations which are more than worth seeing. The various types of people from different backgrounds and the sheer beauty of Denmark makes it more than a tourist destination for you and your family.
You need to go to see and feel the beauty of Denmark.
Of course, we can help you get a tourist visa and guide you on various other matters. So, Visit our office to know more about Denmark.
New zealand
Person who is interested in applying for residence under the Skilled Migrant category to New Zealand may complete an Expression of Interest form in the prescribed manner. Expressions of Interest which meet prerequisites for health, character, English language and age, and have a point score of 100 or more points are entered into the Pool of Expressions of Interest. Recognized basic qualification (e.g. trade qualification, diploma, bachelor’s degree, bachelors degree with honors). Offer of skilled employment in New Zealand or current skilled employment in New Zealand for less than 12 months Meet us for a free consultation and Principal applicants under the Skilled Migrant Category will be assessed against:
  •    Health, Character and English language requirements
  •    employability and capacity building requirements
  •    Settlement and contribution requirements.
Summary of points for employability and capacity building factors

Employability and Capacity Building

Skilled Employment:Points

Current skilled employment in New Zealand for 12 months or more60
Offer of skilled employment in New Zealand or current skilled employment in New Zealand for less than 12 months50
Bonus points for employment or offer of employment in: An identified future growth area10
An area of absolute skills shortage10
Region outside Auckland10
Partner employment or offer of employment20

Work experience:
2 years50
4 years10
6 years10
8 years10
10 years20

Additional bonus points if work experience in New Zealand:
1 years5
2 years10
3 years or more15

Additional bonus points for work experience in an identified future growth area:
2 to 5 years5
6 years or more10

Additional bonus points for work experience in an area of absolute skills shortage:
2 to 5 years5
6 years or more10

Recognised basic qualification (e.g. trade qualification, diploma, bachelors degree, bachelors degree with Honours)50
Recognised post-graduate qualification (Masters degree, Doctorate)55

Bonus points for :
2 years of full-time study in New Zealand towards a recognised qualification5
A recognised basic New Zealand qualification (e.g. trade qualification, diploma, bachelors degree, bachelors degree with Honours)5
A recognised post-graduate New Zealand qualification (Masters degree or Doctorate)10
Qualification in an identified future growth area10
Qualification in an area of absolute skill shortage10
Partner qualifications20
Close family support in New Zealand10

Age (20 to 55 yrs):


The H-1B is a nonimmigrant classification used by an alien who will be employed temporarily in a specialty occupation of distinguished merit and ability. The US government has reduced the number of H1-B visas in one year to 65,000 only. It has become very difficult to get H1-B visa for people who are not in specialty occupations which are not of High and extraordinary skills. Still, highly skilled people like Doctors, Nurses, Engineers, Computer Professionals and Accountants along with Scientists stand a bright chance if they can find a US Employer who can sponsor them for the Work Permit and complete the formalities with the Homeland Security office and other Govt. departments. Based on the petition approval, the alien may apply for the H-1B visa, admission, or a change of nonimmigrant status. Meet us for a free consultation


  •    The maximum stay in USA on an H1-B visa is 6 years.
  •    Initially the work permit is granted for 3 years and it can be extended for 3 more years with certain preconditions.
  •    One can file for green card/ work authorization in USA with the help of company sponsorship and settle in the country if the same is approved.
  •    The other family members can also accompany the H1-B visa holder and can work with prior approval of the human resource department.
  •    The study till 12th in govt. funded schools will be free for the dependent children of H1-B visa holder.
  •    Once granted the H1-B status, the applicant along with his/her family members can travel to their home country or elsewhere any number of times during the visa validity.
Austria red-white-red card
Austria Red-White-Red Card aims for additional reliable and flexible migration. Certified people from numerous nations can move on the basis of new requirements based on immigration plan. The applicant does not require a job offer from a company to get the visa. In this scheme, the individuals along with their family members can settle permanently in Austria depending upon the personal and labor market criteria. Austria Red-White-Red Card is a point based classification. The applicant has to secure 70 points out of 100 points depending upon different criteria’s. This card is issued to key workers, very highly qualified and professionals in shortage professions to live and settle permanently in Austria.
The vital need for this scheme is language capabilities, qualification, age, work experience, offer of employment according to the qualification and minimum remuneration. The card holder is qualified for a fixed-term settlement and employment by the defined company. This card is released for 12 months. A 6 months residence permit is provided to the competent jobseekers to pursue their job. This card allows the card holder to bring his/her spouse and children below 18 years of age. The RWR Card holders spouse can secure a RWR Card Plus which will permit him/her to start working in Austria.
Prime overseas Group is one stop for all your immigration and visa processing. We will assist our customers to process their visa application if they meet the rules and regulations of the visa process. Our team of professionals will certainly keep a track of all the updates concerning your process.
The applicant should be highly qualified worker. The applicant should meet the criteria of skilled workers in a shortage profession in the intended country. The applicant should be a graduate from a university or college holding higher education qualification in Austria.
USA H!_B visa
1B visa is a non-immigrant visa for US. This visa allows the US companies to employ immigrants from various countries who have theoretical or technical
expertise. The visa holder must be specialized in fields which include mathematics, architecture, science, engineering and medicine.
H1B visa is very popular among companies because they can employ staff for long-term assignment in the US. Applying for this visa is quicker than applying for a Green Card. The US employer needs to file necessary documentation towards the applicant’s services. The visa holder can work in the United States for a maximum of six years. An extension of this visa is granted for individuals whose petition is valid and requires a longer period of employment.
The main advantage of H1B visa is that you can lawfully work in US with a status of non-immigrant. You can travel in and out of the US, until the expiration of your visa. In many special cases, there is no specific limit on the number of H1B visas that an individual has in his/her lifetime. H1B visa holders can also simultaneously seek for a US Green Card.
Generally, every year, the government of United States of America fixes specific caps on the number of H1B visas. There are many factors that decide the number of H1B visas that the government issues in a year. Prime overseas group will provide completed assistance for obtaining a H1B Visa. Our expert counselors will guide you in the documentation process, which makes it easy for you to secure the visa.
South African Quota work permit
Quota Work Permit is issued to predetermine the number of employees which are needed in a particular occupational category decided by the Minister of Department of Home Affair. Applicants may be considered where they fall within certain professional categories, in which skilled professionals are considered to be scarce. People within these categories do not need to provide an offer of employment. These applicants are primarily attracted to South African employers because they do not have to advertise the position. The applicant has to include a confirmation that they possess the necessary qualifications as declared by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) along with evidence that he/she has at least 5 years of relevant work experience. A quota work permit is provided to applicant before he/she has secured employment. The holders can enter South Africa to look for jobs in specific professions matching their profile. The applicant with the required qualifications and experience are allowed to enter the country without having secured employment. Quota Work Permit does not assure any employment; in fact, it gives skilled applicants an opportunity to find competent work in the country. The quota work permit will lapse within a year of its issue if the holder fails to submit the department certification from his/her employer's chartered accountant about this employment status. He/she has to provide the terms and conditions of employment including the job description. The visa holder also has to submit evidence that the employer has made the payment for training fee.
Prime overseas group will provide complete assistance for obtaining a Quota Work Permit. Our expert counsellors will guide you in the documentation process, which makes it easy for you to secure Quota Work Permit.
Yes, the candidate can accompany his/her family. The candidate needs to provide additional documents for accompanying the family members. If an accompanying family member aspires to study, work or operate a business, then a specific visa is needed to obtain in this case.
  • Five years of working experience
  • Must possess qualifications accepted by South Africa
  • Have to fulfill the occupational requirements
  • Which are the most effective recommendations?
  • Have to satisfy the health and character requirements
The applicant should posses:
  • A valid passport
  • A temporary residence permit
  • Registration proof with a professional organization
  • Should meet the health and character requirements
  • Must have enough financial means to support his/her stay in the
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