Overseas Education
Overseas Education Consultancy for students who are study in USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand & Singapore.
Course Selection
When there are thousands of courses, with multiple specializations and unlimited options, it is difficult for a student to makes the right choice. Sowrya's expertise will make all the difference for you in this aspect.
We have detailed and up to-date information on all the courses at all levels (Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors, Masters etc.) in all the countries. Our counselors will extensively review this information, make a careful selection and suggest you the right course, based on your preference, academic background and future plans.
University Selection
More than 3500 universities in USA, 40+ (39) in Australia and 120+ (132) in UK, not to mention about thousands of colleges all throughout. Mind boggling, isn't it?If you take just one field of study - for example Computer Science - you will find more than 800 different universities offering this program in USA!! As a student, how will you choose the most appropriate university that is compatible with your academic profile? Which is good or average? Where can you find financial aid? The task becomes huge for an aspiring student.
We have a complete database - updated continuously - of all the universities and programs. Our team members constantly research information on these universities and colleges to determine what is right for you.
With such expert assistance, you cannot go wrong at Prime Overseas Group, in choosing the right university for the right program, at your level of study.
This is provided as part of our regular service.
SOP Assistance
Each university/Department has its own requirement for preparing a Statement of Purpose, which is otherwise known as Statement of Intent, College application essay or simply essay etc. This SOP is a crucial admission document which makes or breaks an application. If the SOP is good, universities may overlook a few minor deficiencies and make a positive decision. At the same time, nothing can help a student, if the SOP is badly prepared, even if other aspects of the application are good enough.
When necessary, Prime Overseas Group reviews the SOPs, evaluates the content, suggests changes and make them (the SOPs) most effective for applicants' purpose. This service is provided FREE OF COST.
Prime Overseas Group has developed a complete 'Application Support Kit', which includes
  • SOP Guidelines
  • SOP Dos and Don'ts
  • Sample SOP
Like the Statement of Purpose, Recommendations play a key role in admission decisions.
Prime Overseas Group makes a very careful assessment and suggests students on
  • Who should recommend,
  • What is the content of recommendations?
  • What decisions are taken based on the content of recommendation,
  • Which are the most effective recommendations?
  • How many recommendations to be submitted etc. are the key aspects?
Prime Overseas Group evaluates and (if necessary, helps edit) the recommendation letters to suit the requirement of universities and thus improve the overall application strength of students.
This service is provided FREE OF COST.
Admission Formalities
There are several formalities to follow, in order to complete admission process
  • Deadlines of the department concerned
  • Deadlines of the Graduate School/University/College
  • Pre-requisite Tests information and requirements (TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, IELTS etc.)
  • Application fees and payment formalities
  • List of documents required for admission
  • Various locations to where the application material has to be sent
  • Different approaches to know the admission status
  • Contact methods to know about the Letter of Offer/I-20 dispatch status
  • Further steps to confirm the admission with your chosen university
Prime Overseas Group expertise and regular interaction with the admission offices of most universities/colleges helps us in keeping track with all the above aspects and give you unsurpassed service while completing the admission formalities on your behalf.
Scholarship Assistance
Scholarships and financial aid are given to meritorious International students, by the respective colleges or universities.
There are several foundations which also consider some form of aid/award based on the academic performance and other factors of an international applicant.
In some cases, the governments encourage international students with their own scholarships. (Eg. Fulbright Awards, USA, IPRS in Australia and British Chevening Scholarships, UK)
By keeping tab on such information and with careful assessment of possibilities, Sowrya provides necessary guidance to all the applicants. We also provide latest information on various scholarship/award opportunities, by posting information under our News & Reviews section.
Country Selection
How do you choose when there are different countries offering world-class education? How do you determine which country is right or wrong, given the fact that you may not about a country or its circumstances fully?
Sowrya makes all the difference to you here. We will provide you with unbiased information on all the countries that we provide services and steer you in the right direction - North for USA, West for UK and East for Australia!
To help you make the choice, we also provide detailed comparison of the three countries, which will empower you to decide by yourself. Of course, Sowrya's guidance in choosing the right country will always be there for you, in relation to the choice of program, level and career opportunities.
Career Counseling
Obviously, the main purpose of education is to achieve career goals. Unless the  'career' is carefully charted, education's value is lost. At Sowrya, we not  only guide students to plan their education, but also direct their ideas  towards career planning, which is the ultimate goal for them. By providing  counseling with expertise and experience, we help students to consider various  options and guide them in the right direction. This will enhance value for  their education, thus strengthening their approach for a stable and successful  career.
Prime Overseas Group has professionals in its  ranks, who have versatile qualifications and experience to suggest right career  options. We also have latest data, updated regularly, which provides necessary  inputs on the opportunities, scope, prospects and financial rewards in any  given field of work.
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